Makon Amazing Gifted Hands

Makon Amazing Gifted Hands PLLC provides expert consultation, coordination of services, and education for patients and families to achieve optimal patient care.

Makon Amazing Gifted Hands PLLC. Provides outpatient wound care to your location.

Wound Care At Your Door.

Providing the best wound care treatment with compassion and kindness.

Do you suffer from slow healing wounds, and feel a lot of pain due to them?

Studies show that around 2.5 million Americans suffer from these afflictions. Non-healing wounds can keep you from doing everything you like, and make your life hard.

This is why Makon Amazing Gifted Hands PLLC is helping people to get their life back on track.

Health Care You Can Trust.

We provide the best wound care services to outpatients using the latest equipment and technology to help fast recovery. The staff at Makon Amazing Gifted Hands PLLC uses a comprehensive range of treatments to provide you with the most advanced care for your wounds.

Our experienced team of nurses, doctors and technicians offers a complete and interdisciplinary approach to treat wounds. Whether you have a chronic or acute wound, we take care of all.

We Can Help You With...

Below is a list of some of the injuries that we can help with.

We also order your lab tests from the most advanced laboratories whenever needed. Our doctors interpret the results and prescribe the necessary medications.

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